At VCI & Lubricants LLC we provide corrosion prevention solutions and specialty lubricants consulting and supply. We are Authorized Cortec® Distributors. Our mission is to stop rust, which is an omnipresent force of nature. We do so offering a selection of anti rust products with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology, in different presentations and suitable for multiple industries. Wherever there is faster than normal wear, equipment downtime due to corrective maintenance, or rust during production, storage or shipping, we can help.

  • Rusted metal part versus rust free metal part protected with Cortec anti rust VCI volatile corrosion inhibitor


    VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, a revolutionary technology that simplifies rust prevention and allows enclosed spaces like packages or equipment internals to remain rust-free. Cortec®'s brand of VCIs known as VpCI® vaporize and create a protective barrier on the metal surface that blocks the ability of oxygen, moisture, and corrosive elements to attack the metal and make it rust. VpCI® is multi metal, has very low toxicity and is usually biodegradable. It doesn't alter metal properties, is easy to apply and effective with minimal dosage.

  • Automotive parts protected with VCI anti rust packaging: VpCI-126 Blue film and a vci emitter


    You should consider the volume and geometry of the item to be protected, as well as its location (outdoors or indoors) and the duration of the protection needed.

    We can help you choose the best rust inhibitor suitable to your needs. From VCI papers, VCI anti rust sprays, VCI stretch and shrink films, VCI emitters, VCI primers, paints, coatings, powders and more. We also offer biodegradable products for rust removal and cleaners for a complete surface treatment process.

  • VpCI-337 Anti Rust for pipes and void spaces.


    Protecting with VCI does not require special removal compared to a coating or greasy rust preventative. This reduces labor time and hazardous waste disposal. It also solves the problem of rust proofing equipment internals (pipes, boilers, valves) where it would be difficult to apply a coating or liquid rust inhibitor.
    VCI technology works in multiple phases—liquid, vapor, and interface—so it can be used to inhibit rust on metal surfaces below and above the fluid level in water treatment or oil and gas applications.

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