Winter Corrosion Protection for Hunting and Fishing Gear

What is there to do in winter when it comes to outdoor sports like hunting and fishing? For that matter, what is there to do in terms of rust prevention on sporting equipment like guns and tackle? Cortec® explains that whether or not sporting activities slow down, corrosion protection should not stop and does not have to, thanks to easy-to-use VpCI® Emitters.

Winter Gun Storage

During the winter, big game hunting season often ends and firearms are packed away until the following spring or fall. It is during this extended period that hunters need to consider storage conditions inside their gun safes. Depending on the storage location, gun safes may be subject to extreme hot or cold temperatures, moisture, condensation, and even corrosive chemical reactions of the safe’s materials.

Gun Safe VCI

VpCI® Emitters are an extremely easy method of protection and are very popular among hunters who discover them. These small devices emit Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that, similar to the scents of a diffuser or air freshener, vaporize and diffuse. As long as these corrosion inhibiting vapors remain trapped inside an enclosure, they are attracted to and form protective molecular layers on metal surfaces. For hunters, the best size of Emitter can be calculated based on the internal volume of the safe: 

 VpCI®-101 Device (small foam piece with adhesive backing) protects 1 ft³ (28 L)
 VpCI®-105 Emitter (self-stick cup) protects 5 ft³ (0.14 m³)

 VpCI®-111 Emitter (self-stick cup) protects 11 ft³ (0.31 m³)

 VpCI®-126 Rifle Bags  or VpCI®-126 Shotgun Bags  are also a fantastic solution that will combine contact and vapor phase corrosion protection for best results.

Ice Fishing Tackle Protection

Perhaps an even greater winter corrosion risk is for ice fishing tackle. As anglers take their poles and lures out to the fish house, they have to deal with snow and ice, which can leave lures and hooks wet and cold. Moreover, snow and ice can easily find their way into the tackle box and melt inside on the way home. This is a terrible recipe for tackle maintenance—especially for antique or custom metal lures and jigs. Besides carefully drying off metal pieces to reduce the risk of corrosion, sticking a VpCI® Emitter inside the tackle box is a great way to get an extra boost of corrosion protection, since Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors work even in the presence of residual moisture.

The VpCI®-101 Device ais a good candidate for most standard tackle box sizes. If the tackle box is divided into separate trays, a different Emitter should be placed into each section. For this purpose, it may be desirable take a VpCI®-150 Series Emitter (foam infused with corrosion inhibitors) and cut it down to size for individual compartments.

Peace of Mind for Your Sporting Gear

Whatever level of hunting or fishing activity you find yourself doing in the winter, it is good to remember the importance of protecting your gear from corrosion. Cortec® VpCI® Emitters make that easy to do, whether you are on the move on the ice or sitting back at the lodge dreaming of your next season’s hunting trophy. Contact VCI & Lubricants to learn where to stock up on these easy corrosion solutions to protect firearms and tackle.


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