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Aircraft Cleaner/Degreaser MIL-PRF-879737D - Cortec VpCI-415 - 5 Gal Pail

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Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty biodegradable cleaner/degreaser.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-combustible
  • Exceptional pitting corrosion resistance.
  • Meets the requirements for cleaning and corrosion protection of aircraft.
  • The compounds contained in VpCI®-415 function by altering hydrocarbons so that deposits can be removed with water.

Cortec® VpCI®-415 is a MIL-PRF-87937D Type IV Qualified heavy-duty, biodegradable cleaner/degreaser. In addition, VpCI®-415 provides up to six months of corrosion protection for a variety of metals during indoor storage. VpCI®-415 is the perfect choice for the customer requiring a multi-purpose, multi-surface, MIL-SPEC qualified, heavy-duty cleaner; and is also concerned with environmental compliance and worker safety.

Conforms to MIL-PRF-87937 Type IV for Cleaning Compound Aerospace Equipment.
Conforms to Boeing D6-17487 Revision P for Exterior and General Cleaners and Liquid Waxes, Polishes and Cleaning Compounds.

Available in 5 gallon pails. Contact Us to get a quote for this product in drums.


Volume VpCI®-415
(US) per gallon
Volume VpCI®-415
(Metric) per liter
Dosage (%)
Light Cleaning 6.4 ounces
(~3/4 cup)
50 ml 5
Medium Cleaning 12.8 ounces
(~1.5 cups
100 ml 10
Heavy Cleaning 25.6 ounces
(~3 cups)
200 ml 20


How to Use:
Observe the recommended dilutions for Cortec® VpCI®-415. The product can be metered into power washers, steam cleaners, dip tanks and other cleaning equipment. It can also be used in mopping applications.

Typical Applications:
Due to its properties and qualifications, Cortec® VpCI®-415 is ideal for aircraft cleaning. Other applications include cleaning of machinery contaminated with oils, sheet metal coated with temporary protective oils or waxes and metal parts contaminated with stamping, drawing or buffing compounds.

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