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Anti Rust VCI Emitter Cup - Cortec VpCI-105 - Protects 5 ft3

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Key Features:

  • Protects up to 5 cubic feet of enclosed space for up to 2 years.
  • Anti rust device. Protects even in presence of salt, moisture, H2S, SO2, NH3.
  • Adhesive back makes it easy to install. Just peel and stick.
  • Contains VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) in plastic cup with breathable membrane.
  • Use in cabinets, control boxes, tool boxes, electric and electronic devices, medical equipment.

Cortec® VpCI®-105 anti rust emitters are devices designed to prevent rust on metal components and parts enclosed in non ventilated control boxes, cabinets or tool boxes up to 5 cubic feet (141.6 liters) in volume. VpCI®-105 emits Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors, which are slowly released and form a protective layer on all metal surfaces. This layer is non conductive and does not interfere with electrical, optical or mechanical surface properties. This emitter has a breathable membrane trough which the corrosion inhibitor is released. It provides long-term protection against rust even in the presence of adverse conditions.

Each cup protects up to 5 cubic feet (141.6 liters).

Each cup measures 2.25" D x 0.75" H

How to Use:
Simply select a space within any enclosure where rust prevention would be useful. Peel off the protective peel strip from the bottom of the device and attach it to a clean surface. The emitters can be installed in any position. For volumes greater than 5 cubic feet, use more than one device. If the enclosure is not totally airtight, or if the access doors are opened frequently, replace the VpCI®-105 device more often than every 2 years.

Typical Applications:
Used to prevent rust on metal in any enclosure: electrical, electronic, marine navigation and communication equipment, aerospace electrical controls, electric motors, switching equipment, fuse and power boxes, medical devices, terminal boxes, scientific and measuring instruments.