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CAMCO FMO 7-320 - Food Grade Synthetic Gear Oil - ISO 320 - 5 Gal Pail

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Key Features:

  • Fully Synthetic gear oil, PAO base.
  • Food Grade. Registered by the NSF in Category H1.
  • Extended service life.
  • Excellent mechanical shear resistance even in heavily loaded applications.
  • Improved cold temperature fluidity.

CAMCO® FMO-7-320 is a fully formulated synthetic gear and bearing lubricant based on synthetic hydrocarbons. It has excellent thermal and oxidative stability, combined with superior gear load-carrying ability. The synthetic hydrocarbon base provides extended service life and overall economic benefits. Synthetic hydrocarbons combine high viscosity indexes, high film strength and excellent mechanical shear resistance even in heavily loaded applications. Field test reduction in heat build-up due to friction. The reduced friction may also reduce horsepower requirement up to ten percent depending on other operating and environmental conditions.
CAMCO® FMO-7-320 has excellent low-temperature properties.
Authorized by USDA for use in Federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Registered by the NSF in Category H-1. Registration Number 141544. Complies with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 - Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact.

Available in 5 gallon pails. Contact Us to get a quote for this product in drums.

How to Use:
For optimum performance clean thoroughly the lubrication point, first mechanically and then with a appropriate food safe cleaner. Before initial filling of gears, remove corrosion protection agent. Fill gear so that the dipping teeth receive lubricant. Apply sufficient amount with a brush, dripping oiler, by dipping or central lubrication systems. Observe instructions of the gear and machine manufacturer. Relubrication intervals and amount to be defined according to service conditions. Don't mix with other lubricants.

Typical Applications:
CAMCO® FMO-7-320 synthetic gear oil is also suitable for multipurpose lubrications in the food industry.

Typical Properties:

Viscosity: @ 40°C cST ASTM D445 320.0
Viscosity: @ 100°C cST 33.0
Viscosity: @ 100°F 359.0
Viscosity: @ 210°F 34.0
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 145
Density, lb/gal, 60°F 7.08
Pour Point °F (°C) ASTM D97 -38 (-39)
Flash Point, C.O.C., °F(°C) ASTM D92 540 (282)
Fire Point, C.O.C., °F(°C) ASTM D92 592 (311)
Specific Gravity, ASTM D1298 0.850

*These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

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