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Cortec VpCI-329 - Oil Based Rust Inhibitor Concentrate - 5 Gal Pail

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Key Features:

  • Oil-based anti rust concentrate compatible with most oils.
  • Can be diluted depending on duration of protection needed.
  • VCI inhibitors vaporize and protect the surfaces above the oil.
  • Prevents rust on internal system parts.
  • Ideal for lay-up or mothballing.

Cortec® VpCI®-329 is an oil-based vapor corrosion inhibiting concentrate for use with lubricating, hydraulic and preservation oils. Provides excellent protection in sheltered outdoor/indoor conditions. VpCI®-329 protects in two ways: it offers a tenacious film, which clings to metal surfaces as well as vapor phase inhibitors into the air above the oil. The vapors condense and form a protective barrier on metal surfaces that are not in contact with the oil. This combination allows complete protection to internal system parts.

Available in 5 (19 liter) gallon pails. The product should be sealed before storage. Contact Us to get a quote for this product in drums. Available in diluted version as VpCI®-329D.

For short-term protection use one part VpCI®-329 to 19 parts oil. For medium-term protection use one part VpCI®-329 to 9 parts oil. For long-term protection use one part VpCI®-329 to 4 parts oil. 

How to Use:
Agitate before using. For storing metal parts: spray, dip, or brush Cortec® VpCI®-329 onto metal parts before storage. For storage of lubricating, hydraulic and metal cutting systems: add VpCI®-329 to oil in engines before storage. For best results, add VpCI®-329 to the oil, then cycle or run the engine for 10 minutes before shutdown.

Typical Applications:
VpCI®-329 can be added to lubricating oils during lay-up or mothballing. It can be fogged into metal compartments protecting internal system parts. It is an excellent option to prevent rust inside gearboxes that are stored idle for a long period of time. Protects ferrous metals, zinc, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

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